Extreme Clergy

Filmed around the world, Extreme Clergy offers a rare glimpse of challenges faced and met by spiritual people struggling to better the lives of the poor, the embattled, and the desperate.

To view teasers for all 13 episodes, visit the Extreme Clergy YouTube Channel.

2008 – 2009

13 X 30 Minutes Documentary

Broadcast on Vision TV

In each episode, you will meet a member of the clergy (priest, pastor or rabbi) with extreme dedication to helping people in extraordinary, often dangerous circumstances. You will be surprised by their passion, skill and raw courage. You will be amazed at their determination in the face of intractable odds. You will be touched by the resilient and brave people they are trying to help.

Our camera crews followed these extreme clergy during times of crisis and moments of hope. They changed our outlook on the world. We think they will change yours.