Deadly Arts

Follow black belt Josette D. Normandeau as she circles the planet to seek out and train with authentic martial arts masters.  Discover the history, culture and spirituality that shaped six spectacular martial arts.

2003 – 2004

6 X 1 Hour Documentary

Premiered on History Channel. Broadcast on History TV, National Geographic International, and Canal D.

Deadly Arts was nominated for Best Sports Program at the 2004 Banff Television Festival.

The 6 deadly arts:

  • Capoeira in Brazil: A spectacular rhythmic fighting art with a dark history.
  • Muay Thai in Thailand: A bone-crushing ring sport rooted in ancient warrior traditions.
  • Karate in Okinawa: The original version of an explosive, intensely spiritual martial art
  • Aikido in Japan: An art of simple power and beauty, the martial art of love.
  • Kalaripayattu in India: An ancient art with two opposing sides: healing and harming.
  • Savate in France: A martial art that is equal parts violence and finesse.