72 Hours

This true crime series was co-produced by Creative Anarchy and Kensington Communications for CBC and Canal D.  It aired on History UK and Investigation Discovery as Life Of A Crime.

2004 – 2007

45 X 30 Minutes Docudrama

Every detective knows that the first 72 Hours after a crime are crucial to solving it. After that clues disappear and the trail goes cold.

Each half hour episode tells the true story of one unforgettable case by combining explosive dramatic recreations, vivid forensic science, captivating interviews, and documentary footage from the actual scientists and detectives who worked on the case. The result is a riveting series about the amazing technologies and clever techniques that detectives and forensic heroes use to solve true crime thrillers: DNA, ballistics and firearms, forgeries, geographical and behavioral profiling, chemical analysis, and the toxicology of drugs.


Awards: Bronze World Medal for Docudrama from New York Festivals