Real Voodoo

This feature length doc recently won the Audience Choice Award at the Africa World Documentary Film Festival in ILE-IFE, Nigeria.  It was directed by Sandra Whiteley, a passionate filmmaker who gained incredible access to Voodoo practitioners.


In January 2010, a few days after Haiti suffered a massive earthquake, American evangelical leader Pat Robertson took to the airwaves to blame the devastation on Haitians’ “pact with the devil.

He was talking about Voodoo.

And he isn’t the first American to disparage Voodoo. Over the last hundred years, tens of thousands of American Christians have travelled to Haiti to convert the “heathens.” Judging by the multitude of Christian churches dotting the landscape, they’ve made a lot of headway. Today, the work goes on, fueled by millions of dollars in tax-free donations. Almost every inbound flight carries missionary neophytes, each hoping to convince at least one Haitian that Voodoo is evil and Jesus is the only path to the light.

So… Are these folks right? Is Voodoo evil? Is it hurting the Haitian people?

To find out, we decided to ask… What is Voodoo?

Over a period of several years we visited Haiti seven times – before and after the earthquake – filming Voodoo ceremonies in public places, sanctuaries, and in the homes of believers.

We  filmed believers as they prayed, danced, and sang, and also as they went to work, cooked dinner and walked their children to school.

In the first sad days after the earthquake, we filmed their response – both practical and spiritual.

And you know what we found out? This ain’t Pat Robertson’s voodoo.

It’s something else.

We think we’ve seen the real Voodoo. And we think you’ll be amazed when you see it too.

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